Cook County taxpayers can rely on a standard, 30-business-day period to file property assessment appeals in the coming tax years, thanks to a new law led by State Senator Cristina Castro.

“A uniform filing period ensures clarity and reliability for homeowners in different townships when it comes to the appeals deadline,” said Castro (D-Elgin). “With suburban taxpayers seeing across-the-board increases to the value of their property, it’s an important moment to make sure they have the ability to file, argue and support their appeal to the assessor.”

The Cook County Assessor’s filing deadlines for taxpayer complaints can change from year to year and from one township to another. While the assessor’s office established a deadline of 30 calendar days for filing complaints this year, the available business days for filing varied from 19 to 22 days, depending on the township. Castro’s measure establishes a uniform filing period to ensure all Cook County homeowners have adequate time to address their complaints to the assessor.

The new law requires the Cook County Assessor to accept assessment appeals from taxpayers for at least 30 business days after an increased property assessment is mailed to the homeowner or published on the assessor’s website — whichever is later.

“Appealing the assessed value of your home shouldn’t be a complex and grueling process that people have to scramble to complete quickly,” Castro said. “Local governments need to have clear, simple and reasonable rules and filing periods so everyone in the community has the ability to voice their concerns.”

Senate Bill 1988 was signed into law Friday.