03292017AM9159ELGIN – Legislation sponsored by Senator Cristina Castro (D-Elgin) that goes into effect January 1st will hold motor vehicle dealers accountable and protect consumers who test drive vehicles at a dealership.

This legislation was filed in response to the death of Brendan Burke, who died in February 2010 due to an accident in a test-driven car with numerous decals and paperwork hindering his view while driving.

“It is important that we hold businesses accountable in order to protect consumers,” Castro said. “Drivers aren’t allowed to drive with materials on the windshield or windows and the rules shouldn’t be any different at a dealership.”

House Bill 733 prohibits new or used motor vehicle dealers from allowing a driver to leave the premises in a vehicle with signs, decals, or other material on the windshield. This measure also prohibits material on the windows next to each side of the driver that would obstruct the driver’s view.

Currently, drivers are not allowed to drive with materials on the windshield of a vehicle or on the windows immediately adjacent to each side of the driver. Until Castro’s law, this regulation did not apply to dealerships sending cars out for test drives.